The 8th Circle of Dork.

Amazon, you can kiss my white dimpled ass. The last time I preordered something from you (Harry Potter), it arrived in a special box on my doorstep the day it was released. But evidently, while you will cater and pander to book dorks, you’re leaving video game dorks out in the cold.

I pre-ordered World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, which was released at midnight January 16. It’s not here. And, according to those assholes, it wasn’t even being SHIPPED to me until January 23. However, should I be willing to pay $22.48 for overnight shipping…they would ship it today.

When I ordered Harry Potter, I didn’t pay for fucking overnight shipping, thankyouveryfucking much. And furthermore, if the motherfucking game is IN STOCK, why did you not at least SHIP the fucker yesterday? Grrrrr. In the meantime, since you can’t just order ONE thing from Amazon, they held up my book and CD too.


So I guess I’m going to have to go to the Evil Empire or Best Buy or some shit, in the snow, to buy it. Yes, I’m dorky, but everyone ELSE has it. I am not patient enough to wait two more weeks for it to arrive…especially since I only have one more book I haven’t read.


In a completely unrelated tidbit, but one that nevertheless still relates to the “Loopy=Dork” theme, I’ve been organizing stock trade confirmations for discovery in a case, and one of them is for Eastman Kodak.  So now I’m sitting here humming “Kodachroooooooooooooome, give us those nice, bright colors….” like a fucking retard.


7 comments on “The 8th Circle of Dork.

  1. Bloody Amazon…

    Hey, aren’t you all excited about Deathly hallows? I am soo looking forward to read where Harry’s world will take us to this time… And am also excited about the Order movie coming soon. Once again it’s time to take out our scarves and wands and robes and stuff. Weee!

    Hey, have you read The secret life of bees? I thought it was a great book.

    Much love my dear, wacky friend! Big hugs! =0)

  2. I remember when amazon shipped the same day and you got your package in three…yeah, those days are apparently long gone as I ordered from them on Monday and still nada. I haven’t even received a shipping notification. WTF!? I might have to stick with alibris and dvdempire from now on. Bastards. They develop a reputation when then they think they can live on it forever while sucking.

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