Celebrate VD!

It’s still a silly holiday.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going shopping last Friday, and finding a few things that I thought someone might like. (A sweater. And some pajama pants, because, despite his insistence to the contrary, he didn’t have any. Sweatpants, yes. Pajama pants, no. There is a difference.)

I was serious when I said that (a) the presents were just because, and not for Valentine’s day and (b) that reciprocation was not required. However, when he went to go fetch breakfast Saturday morning (which was really nice in and of itself), he was gone a little longer than the usual donut-and-sausage-roll-fetching trip.

He came back with a little bag, which he tried to pretend wasn’t there. (“What? The bags had donuts in them!”) I pointed out that I didn’t think donuts came in gift bags. He finally caved and gave me one of these:


Yes, a pink one.  But I like it anyway.

And some games, too…although I believe Final Fantasy XII was really for him… (“Take the game with you! You should play it! But don’t save over my game, ok?”)

But the Nintendo wasn’t for Valentine’s day, either. Hehe.

I shall close with the traditional Valentine’s fun, which involves making a list of the first 10 songs that pop up on your MP3 player/computer with “love” in the title. Note: I am at work, and the selection is far more limited than the computer at home.

Beck – “Think I’m in Love”
Maroon 5 – “This Love”
Pixies – “La La Love You”
Sarah McLachlan – “I Love You”
Elton John – “Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)”
OMD – “So in Love”
kd lang – “Love is Like a Cigarette”
KT Tunstall – “Stopping the Love”
Morrissey – “Trouble Loves Me”
Elton John – “All the Young Girls Love Alice”


8 comments on “Celebrate VD!

  1. you’d totally be into it if you played it. and the only reason you got one of those was because 1) you’re a dork. and 2) you mentioned it like 5 times in the previous 2 weeks about you wanting one. i may be slow, but i wont miss out on repeated hints. blah blah, not hints, i know i know.

  2. I have no clue what that pink Nintendo thing is.

    Hey a Love song is on my iPod right now.

    A Lover Sings by Billy Bragg

    I know there was a Peter Murphy song this morning too: Let Me Love You.

    I wouldn’t bet there are ten songs on my iPod with that word in the title.

  3. Ah, VD. Like Bridget would say, “Matter of supreme indifference to me” or something. But it’s nice you got a DS! Those things are fun. Oh, and nice song list!

    Much love and big hugs! =0)

  4. You know, I totally meant to do this but since I’ve been swimming in a veritable sea of soiled bed linens and bath towels that needed to be laundered (AGAIN!) I never got around to it. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway; I have nary a single song with the word “love” in the title. I’ve got quite a few about sex, though.

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