Meet Me in St. Louis.

Guess what?  This entry?  It’s going to feature some nice bitching about work!  I’m sure you’re all just SHOCKED. 

I have a hearing next week in
St. Louis.  In and of itself, this is not a horrible thing.  Getting away from this increasingly weird-vibe shithole is somewhat appealing, but leaving at 7:30 Saturday morning for a hearing that doesn’t start till Monday? Not so much.  We’re allegedly going to “be available for our client.”  Translation:  sit around in a boring-ass hotel room all fucking day for a one-hour meeting.  Heaven forbid our client should have to work on Sunday instead of Saturday.  Way to fuck up my weekend, Mr. Snorty. 

Furthermore, every time I talk to Ms. Whiny, the urge to bitch-slap her upside her (strangely flat and pointy at the same time) head gets stronger and stronger.  It’s been a long time since someone pushed my buttons in quite this fashion, and sooner or later, I fear that I will be forced to push back.  There’s only so much of being treated like a retarded five-year-old who just shit all over her 5000-thread-count sheets that I can take.   

The travel thing is weird to me right now.  When I originally applied for this job, I was unattached.  And honestly, the person to whom I was loosely “attached” for the preceding time period….well, let’s just say I never really missed him much when I was gone.  I’ve always liked to go places (especially when someone else is paying for it…hehe), and had never actually had a job where I got to go anywhere but to the fucking courthouse, bank, office supply store (and that was a rare treat), so I thought it would be fun.  Plus, I got fed a lot of shit about going to cool places.  So far, it’s been your basic Midwestern meccas that I’ve seen before…and I don’t think there’s anything “cool” on the docket until October.  Unless
Cleveland has somehow magically become cool.  At present, though, going somewhere means I will miss someone. 

The Universe does have a way of making you eat your words.  During my quasi-relationship with the former GID, and actually, in most of the ones I had before that, I felt like once a week was a perfectly acceptable…nay, DESIRABLE…amount of time to spend with your significant (or insignificant) other.  But since I have actually been involved with someone whose work schedule and mine are not exactly conducive to weeknight hanging out…someone who I actually want to spend more time with…I’ve realized that perhaps once a week is not enough.  And when that once a week is turned into 8 hours by virtue of a job that is pissing you off more and more with each passing day…well, that just blows the goat ass. 



10 comments on “Meet Me in St. Louis.

  1. Yeah, and it’s worse later when you have kidlets. It always seems that milestones happen when I’m on the road. I miss THREE someones now. Ah, well, hang in there babe!

  2. I think it’s funny when you use terms like “allegedly” when talking about your job. I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh. You know, with all the distance I have with Scott, I’d kill for once a week time – but I know that if he lived in the same city, once a week wouldn’t work AT ALL. I hope the trip isn’t a stressfest. 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Now that I’m quasi-dating somebody, someone wants to take me up on the offer to babysit their kids. Um, that offer’s been on the table for over a year and now you want to take up a weekend night? ARGH!

    Hey, you can always go to the Bowling Hall of Fame when you’re in STL. 😉

  4. You.. YOU! I miss. Jesus, where have I been? A serious SO? A new job (is it new? — remember, I’m just catching up). AnyWAYZ, it is good to know you are still there, LoopyChicklette — I’m hoping to, at a minimum, catch up on my old pals this weekend. I’m sorry you’re hanging out in a hotel all weekend (I know how glamorous it feels — until you are there, faced with the dreaded “Hilton All-n-1 Shampoo/conditioner” combo), but am delighted you are… well, in love? like? Like I said, forgive my ME-ness, but I am way behind. Thanks for checking in on me, and all that mushy stuff. xoxoxxoo

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