*tap* *tap* *testing*

It’s been a while….but I think I’m getting the urge to write again.  Lots of things fumbling around in my head right now, and I’m realizing that 140 characters are not quite enough for complete self-expression.  And I’m sure as shit not posting my whole life on Facebook when people from high school have started to find me.  Thanks, but I don’t need to broadcast my feelings of inadequacy in the midst of everyone’s happy and fulfilling lives, nor do I want said musings interspersed with requests for places to hide dead bodies and requests for sparkly farm animals.

So, where was I?  Because while much has transpired, much remains the same.

I shall begin with a list.

1.   For a change, I actually mostly like my job.  Clearly, this is not the same shithole where I was employed the last time I wrote here.

2.   I am a total Kindle junkie.  I think my bank account would like heroin better.

3.  I received the hardback of Stephen King’s latest for Christmas, and I haven’t read it yet because it’s not portable like my Kindle.  Have considered purchasing it for Kindle, but that seemed really lazy and dumb.

4.   I agree with a co-worker that electronic reading devices are a great way to pretend you’re not reading trashy thriller smut.  Plus, people always ask about the GADGET, not what you’re READING on it.

5.  My pajama pants all have holes in the ass.  I really need some new ones, but my online ordering resulted in substandard loungewear which got a hole in the ass like, the first time I washed them.

6.  Even though logically you realize that all living creatures are mortal, being reminded of it pretty much sucks ass.

That is all for now.  Carry on.


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