Fun with Baggage (FMM)

So, this week’s topic for FMM (Friend Makin’ Mondays, originated by All the Weigh) (which I totally almost forgot about) is “What’s in your bag?”

My bag is a fairly recent (a few months ago) purchase from Coach’s online outlet (originally $348, marked down to $89, hollah). It basically is now my everyday bag instead of the Basic Bag. This is largely because, since I purchased a Kindle, I take it EVERYWHERE. In the photograph below, it’s the giant pink thing.

Speaking of, my bag with its usual contents, minus the cell phone I used to take the picture:

All the things I carry with me.

Items include:

~Kindle Fire

~Wallet (It’s really a card case. I think I’ve had it for at least 10 years. I hate giant wallets.)



~Cigarettes (Yes, I am aware that smoking is bad. But I LIKE IT, and as I put to someone who gave me a lecture once – better suicide than homicide!)

~Lighter or two (or none, since that seems to be the way it works)

~Mascara (Maybelline VolumExpress Waterproof in Blackish Brown)

~Eyeliner (I believe it’s Ulta’s house brand in Plum, but it varies – mostly a neutral shade of some sort)

~Lipstick (Clinique Black Honey)

~Lipstain (the stupid Lip Venom Twilight stuff, I don’t like glittering vampires but I do like their makeup products)

~Body Spray (I like this little bottle – it’s Ulta’s house brand in Fresh Lilac. I’m also partial to the trial sizes of Bath & Body works stuff – Cherry Blossom and Coconut Lime Breeze are my summer ones – or my little tiny bottle of Alfred Sung Shi, which is still one of the few actual perfumes that doesn’t make me smell like I spent the afternoon shepherding a group of old ladies around the Walgreen’s cheap perfume aisle.)

~Gum (Currently Mentos Up 2 U)

~NYX Tea Tree Blotting Papers (I don’t even know why I bother, by the time I actually pay attention to the fact that I’m shiny, it takes like 4 of them to take the edge off)

~Ipod and Headphones

~Various ponytail holders (I hate my hair getting in my face)

~Eye drops for my dry contact lenses

~Medicine to be taken in the morning

I believe that’s all. I pretty much try to keep my purse to the barest minimum and keep all of my other stuff – like pain relievers, hand lotion, antacids, that kind of crap) in my desk drawer at work. I might toss in some lotion or Advil if I go out on the weekend, or switch up the lipstick, but that’s about it. I kind of have a “thing” about my purse not being too big or too heavy. My mom and my grandma carry around these suitcases, and I have vowed to myself that I will never, ever carry a purse that big. My one exception to the rule is if I’m traveling, I have a bigger purse and I’ll add a few things, just in case my luggage gets lost (you know, contact case & solution, glasses, meds, pair of clean underwear, pair of clean socks, lotion).


2 comments on “Fun with Baggage (FMM)

  1. 1. I’m too cheap to spend $300+ on a bag, but I am not too cheap to spend $98. Is this the Coach website you’re looking at? Please point me in the direction of cheap(er) handbags.

    2. Looking at your blogroll over there is like a trip down memory lane. Holy shit.

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