Fall is delicious.

So when it finally decides to cool off to a habitable temperature, I generally get the urge to make actual food. This is what I’m making today. Pardon any typos, Zooey the kitty says hi. By “hi,” I mean she’s laying on the edge of the keyboard with her back feet in the air, her front feet making biscuits on my neck, and she’s trying to stick her head up my nostril.

This recipe is fall comfort food. It’s not “healthy.” (Well, it’s probably healthier than Cheetos. But not steamed veggies healthy.) It is, however, tasty. I originally found this recipe online somewhere, but subsequent attempts to relocate it have failed miserably. Plus, I’ve tweaked it a lot. So here goes:


2.5-3 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken thighs (you could probably use a chicken with bones and shit, but that’s a pain in the ass)
2 32-oz containers and one 15-oz container of chicken broth (I use whatever cheap kind is on sale, it doesn’t matter)
1 can evaporated milk
1 stick butter
2 cans of Grands homestyle biscuits (store brand is fine here too)
about a cup of flour, give or take


Put the thawed chicken in a big pot. I think mine is 6 quarts but I really wish I had a little bigger one for this.
Pour the 2 32-oz containers of broth in the pot.
Chuck the stick of butter in there.
Turn the heat on medium-high.
Season with salt/pepper/garlic/rosemary. (I use dried crushed rosemary and garlic powder. Just regular salt and pepper. I’m sure you could get fancier.) There’s no such thing as overseasoning this…you’ll think it’s too much, but put more in there, I swear. When you check on it, put more then, too. I second-guessed myself the last time I made this and it was bland. I use mostly equal proportions of pepper, garlic, and rosemary, and a little less salt, because I don’t like stuff super-salty.
Wait till it comes to a boil. This is generally around the time the butter melts all the way. Because the butter floats to the top, it’s hard to tell when it’s actually boiling, but it will kind of look like it’s breathing.
Turn the heat down to medium/low.
Put a lid on the pot.
Walk away for an hour and a half, at least. 2 hours is better. You can stir it a little and add some more seasoning, but other than that, it doesn’t need you. It never calls, it never writes, it forgets your birthday…
Once your allotted time is up, poke the chicken a little to make sure it’s not pink inside.
Take the chicken out of the broth & put it on a plate. Let it cool.
While it’s cooling, dump the little container of broth and the evaporated milk into the pot. Season it some more. You just added stuff…it needs it. Turn the heat up a little.
Get out the biscuits, a sharp knife, a cutting board, and some flour. Put the flour in one bowl (a cereal-size one works), and get out another slightly larger bowl for the dumplings.
Smash each biscuit flat, and then cut it into little pieces. Fairly small…they grow a lot when you put them in the broth. Dunk them in flour, shake them off, and stick them in the empty bowl.
Get tired of doing this shit about midway through biscuit tube #1. Start remembering why you don’t make this all the time.
Finally finish the dumplings.
In the meantime, your broth should be boiling again. Stir it a little. Maybe a little more seasoning. Add the dumplings a few at a time. Careful of the splash when they hit the broth.
Once you’ve added all the dumplings, poke them a few times to make sure they’re all coated with broth. Heat on medium to medium-low – they boil over really easily.
Grab the chicken and cut or shred it into pieces. You’ll also have to get rid of a little excess fat. Once it’s cut up, add it back to the broth with the dumplings. You’ll have to kind of poke it down between the dumplings.
Poke it a few more times. You shouldn’t really stir, or the dumplings will break.
Let it cook for about 15 minutes. Maybe just a little more pepper.
Put it on simmer…it needs to cool & thicken up a little before you eat it.

This also tastes fine warmed up in the microwave the next day or two.

…now I’m even more hungry, and it still has at least another hour and 15 minutes…


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