Sunglasses at night.

I’m never going to say that I like a job ever again. Every time I say that, I sound like the battered woman swearing that this time, he really WILL change.


It’s not so much the work itself, or even the lawyers, mostly. It’s the evil cuntwich who is too dumb to do my job but knows just enough to convince the boss I’m not doing it. With one exception, my co-workers at the former place of employment were awesome. I didn’t really have to deal with the exception very often, and when I did, I knew she was a lying psycho, so I conducted business accordingly (document everything). The current Bitchface? I have to pretty much deal with her a lot. And I am so done with it. I’m tired of her thinking she has a clue, I’m tired of her whiny voice, and I’m tired of the fact that she has any input whatsoever into anything. Every time I make a suggestion about how to improve things at the office (i.e., organize files so someone besides her can find things; distribution of information; etc.), she acts like I have no idea what I’m talking about, even though I’ve been doing this way longer than she has and have worked in enough offices to know what’s functional and what isn’t. Basically, I want to fucking punch her in the face.

I’ve put out a few feelers for jobs. I’m not going to spend the next three years putting up with her shit. This place is starting to really remind me of a job I had for like 4 months … the same level of batshit crazy, the same lack of longevity among staff, the same constant reshuffling of responsibilities to the point that no one really knows what they’re supposed to be doing but whatever they’re doing is wrong.  I need out before I end up in a screaming match with Ms. Assface and get fired.

In the meantime, for purposes of distraction – I’m going to re-institute something I used to do on my blog:

Song of the Day: “Titanium” – David Guetta feat. Sia; also cover version by Madilyn Bailey

Today’s Time-Waster:

What I’m Craving: Cheese.


3 comments on “Sunglasses at night.

  1. Is this the office manager? Sounds like the actions of some inept managers I’ve known who are threatened by anyone with superior knowledge and experience.

    • No, but she thinks she’s the office manager. I’m not sure if giving her that title would make her better (validation so she’ll quit being a cranky ho) or worse (NOW I HAVE THE POWAH).

  2. When I worked retail I had a manager I felt that way about; we had these papers we needed to fill out on Tuesday, and she brought me into her office one day with her boss and asked me why I’d never filled out the Tuesday papers (handed out in the morning, turned in at the end of shift). She then thrust a pile of them in front of me on the desk with a disapproving glare and said, “Well?”. At that point, it was difficult to contain my glee as I explained that she had given me every Tuesday off, and I’d never seen those papers as a result. I enjoyed that moment; but I can honestly say it was the only positive one I had while working with her.

    Good luck dealing with yours.

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