Sartorial Medley (aka I Didn’t Wear Crocs Today)

So, Hailey and Ais have started a monthly outfit challenge, described as follows:

Within the blogosphere, specifically the lifestyle and fashion blogs, you’ll encounter a wide range of opinions on what is—or isn’t—attractive, fashionable, or even simply blogworthy.  Thus, even though both readers and bloggers span a wide range of body shapes and sizes, everyone, no matter who he or she is, should be able to find something relatable and enjoyable out there.

One of my favorite parts of reading other blogs is the common themes, often called “challenges”.  A small group of bloggers get together, and at regular intervals, they each host a commonly shared theme post—e.g. “Stripes”.  The neat thing about this type of blog post is that it offers us, the readers, an opportunity to see how the people in question interpret and incorporate the given theme into their outfits; it’s like a fashion-lover’s taster menu of personality.

With that in mind, and wanting to partake in the celebration of diversity, Aislynn of Couture For Curves and yours truly have decided to start our own monthly theme, the name of which will be—if you hadn’t already guessed by the title of this post—“Sartorial Medley”.

Each month on the 15th, we’re going to post a theme, and if you’d like to participate, just send one of us an e-mail by the 25th (mine is with a link to your blog and the specific post you’ve written for the challenge; we’ll e-mail you back as soon as we can.  And no, we’re not size discriminatory; if you’re interested in participating and we think your blog is a nice fit to the challenge—i.e., it’s a fashion-related blog/post—we’d be happy to have you join and link up when you’re able to.

This month’s theme: Burgundy

I decided to participate, because maybe it will make me wear something not totally stupid and boring at least once a month.  Seriously, my general work-wear tends to be either jeans or black pants, whatever shirt is clean, and whatever necklace I grab.  Ho-hum, very boring.  I tend to be slightly less boring-looking in the summer, because I wear dresses a lot–it’s too hot here for pants.  (It’s too hot for clothes, really, but “naked” isn’t in the dress code, so.)

Without further ado, I submit my contribution for this month’s challenge:

Burgundy Challenge











Dress:  Old Navy, 4x (summer before last?); Turtleneck: Walmart, 3x (I think. I own like 5 of them in whatever size they had handy because if they’re under stuff it doesn’t matter if they’re tight); Cardigan – Catherine’s, 26/28 (got it on clearance this past summer); Scarf – Kohl’s (last year sometime); Boots: Rocket Dog “Rachel”,; Size 11 (they’re a little big…I usually wear a 10W…but I sized up because other shoes I’ve tried in the same brand ran smallish.  These didn’t. But it left some room for a cushy insole, which they kind of need.  Also, they’re pretty roomy in the calves – I have the laces pulled almost as tight as they will go, and there’s tons of overlap…my calves are about 17.5″); Tights – Catherine’s.

Will try to write a real entry soon, but today was a giant pile of office drama again and quite frankly I just want to settle down with a nice adult beverage and my DVR’d episodes of “What Not to Wear.”

Song of the Day: “Breathe (2AM)” – Anna Nalick
Today’s Time Waster: Bitches Gotta Eat
What I’m Craving: A nice drinky.

One comment on “Sartorial Medley (aka I Didn’t Wear Crocs Today)

  1. Thanks for participating! Love the colors of the scarf, the dress is really cute, and the color of the sweater looks great on you! I’m so excited to continue this next month 🙂

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