Chasing her way through the constellations.

I continue to love some Gwynnie Bee.  Everything arrives packaged perfectly, and the turnaround time is super fast.  In my second shipment, I received the Harlow Dress in Jade, the Alma Top (not this pattern – the purple leopard print, which is evidently sold out), and the Asos Galaxy Wrap (also reviewed by Hailey, here. I have not worn the Harlow dress yet…I haven’t felt like getting that dressed up, heh.  The color in person is way closer to a bright teal…it has a lot more blue and it is a lot brighter than the picture.  The Alma top I already reviewed…I didn’t get a picture of the other pattern, but it fit identically.  Finally, the Galaxy Wrap.

I was drawn to the top because of the gorgeous colors.  They were not quite as vibrant in person as I expected, but they were still beautiful.  Since they weren’t super bright, though, i had to abandon my original plan of pairing the top with a black pencil skirt and some purple tights…my tights were way too obnoxious.  I ended up wearing it with a pair of lighter wash bootcut jeans and some black flats.


Top – Asos Curve, US 22 (their sizes are pretty generous…I think the last time my ass fit anywhere near a 22 was during my diet and workout phase.  That said, I would probably go a size up if one was available, which it is not).

Jeans – Old Navy, 26 (I have no idea how long ago…at least 5 years).

Flats – LifeStride Devlin, 11 (they’re a little long, but they didn’t have a 10)

Turtleneck is from Walmart, the necklace I bought on clearance at LB.  Hair is pissing me right the hell off right now, because I’m trying to grow it out and it’s in stage poofy.  I did at least get it colored and trimmed.  My hairstylist suggested a flat iron, which is not going to happen. I wash my hair in the mornings, because I feel gross if I don’t. It takes a billion years to dry, even with my pimp-ass expensive hair dryer. So her “well, you can just do it really fast on the top layer” routine would take half an hour, in which I would rather be sleeping, drinking coffee, or buying more shit on Amazon that I can’t afford. She did flat-iron it, and it did look cute:


I mean, the lack of makeup and the flannel aren’t cute, but hey. I was getting my hair colored, so um, I didn’t want to get hair dye on my good clothes! (Either that or I totally rolled out of bed and maybe put on jeans instead of pajama pants and thought that was more than adequate.) (Also the stupid picture is, despite my best efforts, sideways. Sigh.)

Where was I? Oh yes.  Reviewing the shirt.  I love the colors, but I wasn’t totally fond of the cut.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but there’s a lot of weird bubbly pleating at the hem…I felt like my ass had wings.  Also, I wanted the belt to be wider.  However, I’m glad I tried this out, and I wish that I had a scarf in this print.

I also stepped out of my comfort zone a little and ordered a top from Kiyonna that I wasn’t sure I would like…the Sadie Ruched Top.  (I got it in black, 4x).  It’s a little more fitted around the middle than I would ordinarily choose.  However, I thought a more fitted top might look better with a couple of my skirts, so I decided to give it a chance.  I’m really, really glad I did.  I LOVE IT.  So soft, so comfy, such cute little ruching on the sleeves.  My only beef is that, like most of Kiyonna’s tops on me, it’s a smidge low-cut for office wear.  I wore a cami under it, just to be sure I wasn’t flashing the goodies at anyone.  The skirt is from Lane Bryant, on clearance last summer for like $10.  I have the same skirt in a black-and-white floral and in solid black, as well:


Of course, the picture where the outfit is the clearest is the one where I was making stupid faces at my co-worker…

That will conclude this evening’s entertainment.  I need to log on to World of Warcraft and take a stab at the holiday boss so I can once again not be the owner of a Big Love Rocket:








….which takes us right back to the post title.  I AM AWESOME.  Heh.

Song of the Day:  “I Was Too Busy” – Doug Stone (don’t hate. Sometimes I need me a cheesy country song.)

Today’s Time Waster:   World of Warcraft. (hit me up for a referral if you want to play)

What I’m Craving:  The rest of the box of Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Snacky Cakes.


One comment on “Chasing her way through the constellations.

  1. I am so behind on blog reading…
    I really love the Sadie top on you! That outfit is great. I almost bought that skirt, but they were out of my size when I got around to it. I did buy the similar one in black though and want to wear it with tights and my boots.

    And your hair looks great. But it is a lot more fun having it flat-ironed by someone else. I bought a CHI flat iron with Christmas money a few years ago and it is an amazing tool. It doesn’t take too long on my thick hair and it keeps it from getting frizzy. I think drying my hair takes longer than flat-ironing it. lol

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