Green, Green the Musical Fruit?


April Fool. Seriously, if I won the Powerball, I wouldn’t be blogging about it, I would be shopping for a vacation home and decorating it instead of clogging up everyone’s Pinterest with pictures of shit I want to buy. So if you follow me on Pinterest, sorry, I sort of finally figured that out in the last few hours.

It’s funny how blogging and social media have evolved. When I started blogging in 2004, everyone was on things like Diaryland (which I still miss, and would still use if it didn’t cost so much money for shit you get on other platforms for free) or LiveJournal or Xanga, MySpace was still sort of relevant, no one really used Facebook, and Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest were not even around. To me, the advent of the new is sort of double-edged. There are a lot of bloggers that I still keep up with from back in the day, but a lot of them don’t really blog anymore…they Tweet, and Pin, and Tumble occasionally, but it’s not the same get-to-know-you that it used to be. I mean, I am not the best about keeping up with the blogging, so I totally get it. But still, when I go look for stuff to read on the internet, it’s sad that there isn’t the same level of personal story that there used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve “met” some awesome new people too, but it’s just…different.

Yesterday was Easter, and we spent it with Lando’s sister, brother-in-law, dad, stepmother, and uncle, along with our totally cuteface little niece. I was hoping for some Facebook pics I could gank, but none yet. However, she’s seriously the cutest baby ever. I feel about kids the way I do about dogs…they’re adorable, and I like to play with them, but I don’t want to own one. Lando & I have no desire to reproduce. So we have decided that it’s perfectly ok to spoil the niece rotten. She’s about 6 months old now, but I can’t wait till she’s a little older. While she was playing, she demonstrated a love for things where you could push buttons and make music play. Therefore, I think she needs one of these. I’ll probably buy her one for her birthday.

A picture of her being suspicious of the Easter Bunny, which I think is totally justified:












Anyway. On to the actual purpose of this entry, which is a belated contribution to “Sartorial Medley,” the monthly fashion challenge hosted by Hailey and Ais. This month’s theme was “green,” which, as a ginger, I can totally get behind.

This weekend, I actually had occasion to leave the house to go somewhere besides Wal-Mart, so I broke out a dress from eShakti. (They don’t have this particular style at the moment.) My experiences with them have been somewhat mixed. For the most part, positive, but their customer service was REALLY slow to address a problem (namely, that one dress I ordered from them got lost in transit). However, they did finally issue a refund, so I decided to take a chance and order from them again. Honestly, no one else does what they do….they offer sizes from 0 to 36, and they also offer custom sizing (which isn’t foolproof); they have retro styles and offer a lot of natural fabrics; and they offer the option to “tweak” clothes to suit you. For example, the dress I’m wearing below originally came with cap sleeves and was supposed to be longer. I went for short sleeves and a knee-length hem. Not all styles can be customized, but a lot of them can.

This batch (I also ordered a top), I decided to go with off-the-rack rather than custom sizing, and based on my measurements, I ordered a 30. (I’m generally a 26/28 at places like LB or Old Navy). I had ordered another dress in this size in the past, and it fit well, so I thought I’d be good to go. The fit isn’t BAD, but it feels like the stuff I ordered is a little on the short side. Also, I think if I ordered something that didn’t have stretch, I’d probably size up. This dress is a knit, so it has a little give. My order this time shipped and arrived super fast, so that was a plus.

On to the outfit (sorry I’m all squinty, it was bright outside). Dress from eShakti; necklace from LB; tights from Catherine’s; shoes are LifeStride. I wanted to wear this with sandals, but it was a little chilly this morning and well, I didn’t shave my legs or paint my toes.












Hope everyone had a happy Easter and/or is looking forward to hitting up the 75% off Peeps this week (*raises hand*).

Song of the Day: Tommy Tutone – “867-5309/Jenny” (Sorry. But the 80’s music channel is on, and it got stuck in my head.)
Today’s Time Waster: All Easter Bunnies are creepy as shit.
What I’m Craving: MARSHMALLOW PEEPS BUNNIES. The yellow ones. Yes, they do too taste different.


2 comments on “Green, Green the Musical Fruit?

  1. It’s strange to me that people seem to want less story, more pictures, and they actually leave hate mail if you have a story. One person actually asked why they should have to read to understand, and said reading was boring (!). As a lover of books and a constant reader, I found that quite offensive, but also the idea that you can’t share a story unless it’s cropped short for the ADD crowd is just wrong.

    Guess I’m old fashioned, even though I’ve only been blogging for 11 months, always thought the story was important, too.

    Will have to check out this eShakti site, I love the idea of customizing outfits, so often it’s “almost perfect” but not quite there.

    And I’ll add your picture and a link to my sartorial medley post, too.

    Eep, my comment turned into a novel. Happy Easter 🙂

  2. I think the dress looks great on you. I am so bummed the dresses I ordered didn’t work. The top part was HUGE (and I customized!). The tops have all been great though.
    I often wonder about sharing more story. I would really like to share more, but worry about people just hating all the words. lol I should just go ahead and write. Even if the two of you are the only ones reading it. 🙂
    As someone who also has no desire to reproduce, spoiling the nieces and nephews is perfectly acceptable.

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