Brown paper packages tied up with strings…

…oh whoops, that’s supposed to be a fitting song lyric for FMM, but it also sort of sounds like a “plain brown wrapper.”

At some point in the near future, I do plan to write about my recent insomnia treatment, because it’s interesting and also there are cat pictures involved. However, it’s been busy as fuck at work, which is what tends to happen when your boss ignores little reminders on the docket about things like trial exhibits being due in two fucking cases this week. I worked yesterday. I worked 11 hours today, and could have stayed longer but I was HONGRY.

Anyway. I am going to do Friend Makin’ Monday, simply because it’s a good way to at least update a little.

If you have a blog, I would like to invite you to answer the questions as well. Leave me a comment here, so I know you are playing. Then you can also leave a comment over at Losing Weight and Having Fun, so other folks can check out your answers as well. It is a fun way to connect to other bloggers.

1. Favorite color? (be specific… what shade of blue/green/red etc)

I tend to like all the super-saturated jewel tones, but blood red is my favorite. Like this color:

If I could find lipstick this color, I would die happy.

If I could find lipstick this color, I would die happy.

2. Favorite piece of clothing you own?

Right now? This shirt:

Casual Friday FTW.

Casual Friday FTW.

I’m also rather fond of my striped Kiyonna Convertible Skirt.

3. Favorite smartphone app?

Angry Birds.

4. Favorite city?

Of the places I’ve been, Seattle, followed by Austin.

5. Favorite strength training exercise?

In terms of something that will flat kick your ass, that one where you put one of those big exercise balls between you and the wall, and sort of use it to roll downward, like you’re going to sit down but you stop at about the point where you’re not sure you can get back up, much less get back up 15 more times. You’re basically doing lunges, but it also works your core.

6. Favorite vegetable?

Mushrooms. If fungi don’t count, potatoes. If those don’t count, summer squash.

7. Favorite hair product? (shampoo, styling, conditioner etc)

Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo and Biosilk shine serum.

8. Favorite animal?

Cats. But I also like penguins, sloths, and elephants.

9. Favorite superhero?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

10. Favorite recipe? (share the details with us)

My chicken and dumplings kick ass. I don’t have any pictures, but they’re not photogenic anyway. It’s a delicious bowl of beige.

That’s all I have tonight. I can’t even type anymore. I spent most of the afternoon/evening with a roll of redacting tape and a stack of medical records, and my fingers hurt because you really have to smash that shit on there to make sure it sticks to the paper and won’t end up wound around the document feeder in the copier. (It’s like post-it adhesive.)

Song of the Day: Gorillaz – “Clint Eastwood”
Today’s Time Waster: Preparing exhibits for a fucking case that’s probably going to settle at the last goddamn minute after I work a bunch of 60 hour weeks.
What I’m Craving: My office manager to get with the program and buy Adobe Acrobat Pro so I can redact on the computer instead of ending up with redacting tape spooge all over my fingers.


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