Ten Things Making My Head Hurt Today

1. Baby lawyer who doesn’t think it’s overkill to send something by e-mail, fax, and certified mail.

2. Same baby lawyer who will arbitrarily schedule and reschedule things without one single thought to how many phone calls that will entail.

3. For fuck’s sake, I started doing this when you were in goddamn second grade. I am not even putting up with this high-maintenance bullshit.

4. Oh god her assistant gave notice.

5. My cell phone’s battery life has turned to shit, even though I task-manager shut down everything every time I so much as open an app.

6. Microsoft Word, which will track the FUCK out of document revisions…until you want it to.

7. Microsoft Outlook, which for some reason today, will not let me cut and paste something from an e-mail into a Word document, meaning I have to retype a wall of text about Medicare Set Aside Trusts.

8. Trying to eat lunch and read a goddamn book while all the lawyers are trying to out-talk one another over the TV which is on Fox News.

9. The other baby lawyer who has no concept of prioritization.

10. The realization that the solution to all Candy Crush problems is a color bomb + striped candy.


2 comments on “Ten Things Making My Head Hurt Today

  1. Can you really blame the assistant for giving notice? As to the copy/pasting, if you hit reply to the mail you may be able to highlight and copy it, paste it into Notepad, and then paste it wherever you need it. Annoying, but it sometimes works (and it beats the crap out of having to retype a wall of text).

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