Oh hai.  My name is Going Loopy.  Well, that’s not my real name, but it’s the name I use on the internet so I can say what I want about people who are too crazy to appreciate constructive criticism in person (otherwise known as employers, co-workers, family members, or people I don’t like).  I am currently thirtymumble years old and live with my boyfriend, Lando, and three cats, Miles, Zooey, and Amelia.

Pictures of the four-legged furry children:

Miles and Zooey (Miles is the tuxedo, Zooey is the tortie) —

They snuggle.

Amelia (she does not play well with others-she’s very shy) —

My archives can be found here.  I started blogging during a time when I had a job that wasn’t particularly demanding, and then kind of dropped it when my stress level increased. Now I’m bored and need an outlet.


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